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360 Interactive Media

We are at the forefront of Virtual Reality ("VR") content creation which first began with property developers seeking our advice to differentiate their product in an ever increasingly competitive market.

Properly captured and produced VR provides lifelike, full immersion for a viewer to experience a place, an event or an adventure without actually being there. This technology opens up possibilities to the intended audience only limited by the creator's imagination.

Partnering with us not only provides you access to the latest VR technology and capture methods, but importantly a team of creative individuals (filmmakers, tech nerds) who understand the needs and challenges of those interested in delving into VR.

Our regular clients depend on us to deliver consistent results through the careful planning at pre-production, capture on location and very importantly post-production processing and editing of the final work.

Unlike more recent entrants into this emerging field, we produce the highest quality, 4K resolution, with the often overlooked artistic composition needed, to ensure the viewer is immersed in the VR experience and not distracted by unstable footage or stitching errors common to less experienced producers.


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