Domaine Chandon - The Unexpected Race TVC

As part of the 2017 F1 Grand Prix hosted in Melbourne we were selected by the talented Rabbit Content. Our work brief included the development of a catch and release mechanism for the drone pickup of 1/16 scale F1 cars and provision of three expert drone pilots. Three drones in the sky all at the same time -  two DJI Inspire 2 and FreeFly ALTA8 with Movi Pro gimbal to hold the popular Arri Alexa Mini camera to film both Inspires in flight.

Careful and skilful control was needed since the two Inspire 2 drones featured were controlled 100% manually (no position hold) given the rare earth magnets (catch and release mechanism) caused large magnetic / compass interference for the onboard flight controller of each Inspire 2 drone. 

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