Real Estate Drone Photography

The first to develop and apply real estate drone technology as an alternative to blimps, cherrypickers, cranes and pole cameras to provide the essential view assessments, view-line, context photos and 360 photography for interactive views, well before the development is constructed.

In its simplest form our aerial real estate drone photography is used by a select group of leading franchise real estate agencies throughout Australia to market their listings, especially land ripe for redevelopment and high value waterfront and architecturally unique high-end homes.

Industrial and commercial developers engage us for monthly photography to showcase and track progress of their constructions.

Architects and visualisation companies use our services regularly as a foundation to their work. We create oblique photography for development and scheme renders. These are used for DA applications, assessment of the new skyline for councils, assessment of view deprivation for existing property owners adjacent to proposed developments and importantly marketing of the new development to prospective purchasers.

Our people not only include skilled drone operators, but qualified real estate drone photographers, carefully trained in remote camera operation to ensure technical accuracy and a perfectly framed shot.

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